J. Douglas Galyon Transportation Depot

Dreams for Free Log, 29 Feb 2012

It was raining on my dream collection day. The rain certainly was not going to help but I didn’t let that stop me.

After purchasing the batch of lottery tickets at Charlie’s Grocery on Elm Street, I headed over to the J. Douglas Galyon Transportation Depot during the morning rush hour. Most people I encountered were very friendly and inquired what I was doing. This was much different than my previous experience of collecting dreams. People weren’t skeptical, but eager to interact.

Word spread among the patrons at the bus and train depot, especially between those who knew each other. For this large jackpot totaling $108,000,000, I was surprised that some people didn’t dream bigger than meeting basic needs like a car and a home. A number of people mentioned living at a homeless shelter and revealed generous dreams of helping others. One girl got so caught up in her dreams that she missed her bus. She didn’t seem bothered much about missing her ride.

Many people expressed gratitude for the opportunity to dream on such a dreary day and wanted to know how to get in touch with me if they won so they could give me some of their winning. I was invigorated by this group’s desire to share the wealth. I requested that if they won they should pass on anything that comes their way to people they care about.

Larry Naith, Gibsonville, NC
Chris Hubbard, Ft. Sill, OK
Tommy McCloskey, Greensboro, NC
Dwayne, Tampa, FL
Michael Opata, Greensboro, NC
Brittney E. Briggs, Greensboro, NC
Chandrica Malone, Greensboro, NC
Lou, Greensboro, NC
Kayla Dawes
Antoinette Alexandre, Greensboro, NC
Ernest Thomas, Greensboro, NC
Bobby Wesley, Greensboro, NC
Nat Jenny, Greensboro, NC
Jerry Farrington, Durham, NC
Steve Barrell
Asmeron M. Ghebremicael, Eritrea
Brandon, Greensboro, NC
Michael Farmer, Greensboro, NC
William Booker, Youngstown, OH
Andrew Brown, New York, NY

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