Center City Park

Dreams for Free Log, 27 Mar 2012

Again I purchased the tickets at Charlie’s Grocery on Elm Street—I enjoy the shopkeeper and the clientele that frequent this convenience store that mainly sells junk food and cigarettes.

This time I collected some dreams from a few people outside of the store before heading to Center City Park. This was the first time I used a table to display my Dreams for Free banner.

Shortly after I set up on the edge of the park, a city employee asked me to move out of the walkway. I am not sure if I needed to leave the park or if I just needed to be out of the way. A kind gentleman who had just written down his dreams helped me move to the sidewalk.

Greensboro has a busy business district, so I hoped to interact with people on their lunch breaks. When I asked people passing by if they “would like to take a minute to dream,” a majority said “no” and quickly cruised by me. Some of the people who took time to write down their dreams were surprised at how many people brushed me off. After I said to one woman “the suits aren’t interested, they barely look at me.” She said it must be because “they are already living the dream.” One man said he would share his dreams with me on the condition that I would accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Matt Truong, Greensboro, NC
Otis W. Wiley Jr., Greensboro, NC
Taewon, Warren, OH
Jordan Smith, Greensboro, NC
Marcus Hobbs, Winston-Salem, NC
BKing, Greensboro, NC
Ashandre Williams, Miami, FL
Lucrise D Kabe, Greensboro, NC
I. L. Isom, Fayetteville, NC
Jacqueline Lewis, Lumberton, NC
Sheila Farrell, Burlington, NC
Tiffany Lindsay, Greensboro, NC
Denise, Greensboro, NC
Justin Duggins, Climax
Paul McEntire, Greensboro, NC
Mitch Carr, Richmond, VA
John C. Williams, Warrenton, NC
JD, Wilkesboro, NC

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